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BITPoint Hong Kong Opening General Account Application form

Personal Verification Documents are required to open a General Account.
Please prepare to upload the verification documents.

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Personal Details

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US Tax Liability

Resident refers to those personnel who holds a "US green card", or an individual that was present in the United States on at least 31 days during the calendar year, and the sum of the number of days on which such individual was present in the United

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Register Transaction PIN

Transaction PIN is requested everytime to make orders, withdrawals, etc. (You can set it off from the setting page once account is opened).

Transaction PIN
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Apply for BPHK Margin Account

Margin Trading Account Opening
Terms of Use

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BPHK Margin Trading Terms of Use

Leverage Multiple

  • Leverage multiple can be changed in the General Account settings page.

Setup MT4 Login Password
  • MT4 Login Password (This is different from the general account password).

    Please set a password that is 5 to 15 letters with 2 of the following: alphabets, numbers and/or symbols.

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Please keep the password in a safe place.